4 Effective Poses of Yoga for Kids for their Healthy Lifestyle

Yoga offers a variety of ‘asanas’ or poses to deal with various well-being issues. The science of Yoga is incredibly versatile, based on poses that relax us down, effectively address many underlying physical ailments. The aim of creating a program of Yoga for Kids is very crucial when it comes to choosing the correct poses for them.

Yoga programs for children are designed to enable more discipline, focus and concentration on bodies. It makes them physically and psychologically strong when practiced for some time and improves their general health and well-being.

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Importance of Yoga for Kids

Yoga is an ancient science in which the organism’s physical, mental and spiritual energy is combined and harnessed to develop its full potential. Many individuals have incorporated and substantially benefited from the practice of yoga asana in their regular schedules.

  • It is a cost-effective instrument for living.
  • Person’s energy, immunity, and general health will be significantly improved with few hours of daily practice.
  • This ancient discipline of Yoga grows slowly and steadily due to its holistic healing character with numerous new exercise types every day.
  • Today’s children are over-stimulated by the availability of so many diversions in devices and toys. This has a dramatic effect on their focus and concentration level. 

Another important reason of concern for parents today is poor immunity from poor healthy eating habits and pollutants. It is impossible to stop the swiftly changing planet. The only solution to this situation is the empowerment of the children.

Yoga is a blessing for human race, and it is impossible to repeat the importance of Yoga for children in overcoming these problems. Children usually learn quickly, and therefore, integrating yogic practices into their routines early in life might be a perfect approach to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

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Benefits of Yoga for kids

There are several benefits for children when Yoga is practised frequently. Some of them are here:

  • It can be a helpful approach to relax children. A simple activity to observe your respiratory rhythm can increase your focus, attention and relaxation.
  • It can allow children to make a good image of themselves and offer them flexibility and agility.
  • When they practice surya namaskar, they improve their body’s balance, which indirectly works as a contemplative position.
  • Focusing on maintaining a precise posture is especially beneficial for children as they begin to learn self-control.
  • Various pranayamas prescribe channelized breathing patterns, which promote immunity and energize body. This protects them from upper respiratory infections, which are becoming increasingly common among children today.
  • Many Yoga poses are there to enhance the core strength, which helps those with postural issues.
  • Some yoga postures are specifically intended to suit their specific therapeutic requirements for children with autism spectrum disorders.

4 Effective Poses of Yoga for Kids

Poses below are incredible for every age, and it is a fun and entertaining exercise when performed together.

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1. Easy Sitting Pose (Sukhasana)

One of the easiest stances, so the name is “easy sitting”. It involves sitting straight with crossed legs; many young children recognize this as the “applesauce crisscross.”

Yoga for Kids
Source: dreamstime.com

How To Do

  • The first step is to sit straight on the ground.
  • Bring knees toward the ground as you cross your legs.
  • Hands may be facing up on the knees or at the centre of the heart together.
  • For numerous breath or during meditation, this stance can be sustained.


  • Encourage relaxation
  • Increases focus
  • Posture correction
  • Strengthen back muscles
  • Increase hips and legs flexibility.
  • Reduces tension.

2. Child’s Pose (Balasana)

The kid’s posture is another simple pose that consists of sitting on your skirts and folding forward. Taking your arms out in front of your body and resting your forehead on your ground. You can feel the hold of yourself by curling up like this.

Source: epicgifs.net

How To Do

  • Start with your hands and your knees.
  • Press back the hips to the heels.
  • Arms can be extended or curled off on the sides in front of the body.

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  • Encourage relaxation.
  • Reducing the effects of stress.
  • Keeping one’s feet on the ground.
  • Maintaining one’s equilibrium.
  • Flexibility and strength are being developed in the ankles, legs and hips.
  • Detoxifying the body through releasing tension (specifically the upper body).

3. Half-Lotus Pose (Ardha Padmasana)

Yoga for Kids
Source: verywellfit.com

The semi-lotus pose is an easier variation of the lotus pose yet still offers the full advantage. It is vital to note that this should be done on both sides of the body to achieve the same outcomes.

How To Do

  • Sit on the floor.
  • Fold your legs before your body.
  • Bring up one leg, and bend the feet.
  • Keep your hands relaxed on knees.


  • Self-grounding.
  • Growing inventiveness.
  • Reinforcement of consciousness.
  • Increased hip and leg flexibility.
  • Fixed posture.
  • Release of physical tension (specifically the upper body).

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4. Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

Source: 24life.com

Cobra position is a delightful pose, including sitting at the bottom of belly. Placing your hands flat under your shoulders and straightening your arms to lift your chest.

It would help if you only pressed to the extent to which the muscles in the back can be used when doing this. This prevents exaggeration and protects the body as well.

How To Do

  • Start on the belly.
  • Bring your hands flat under the shoulders to the ground.
  • Lift with back muscles and core.
  • Hold a few breaths on the position.


  • Increased positive performance.
  • Reduction of stress.
  • Reinforcing chest, arms, back and belly muscles.
  • Growing imagination.
  • Reinforcement of consciousness.
  • Fixed posture.
  • Reduce tiredness.
  • Promote healthy circulation.

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Final WordsYoga for Kids

There are several benefits of yoga practice at an early age. Yoga includes balancing and intense sensory input. This is why it is an excellent tool for children with sensory treatment issues. The sensory advantages of Yoga in particular help youngsters with autism. It gives a solid basis for a child as he grows up.

Guardian may notice and understand the benefits of Yoga for kids. However, children practicing yoga are the best judge for themselves. They could focus & concentrate better on their daily affairs.

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