Ways to reduce anxiety disorder | 7 proven & natural remedies

Ways to reduce anxiety disorder | 7 proven & natural remedies

Do you remember your first day at school? The day you gave your first presentation?

The first day of your job? The day you thought of proposing to your partner? The day you got married?  

Did you find anything common in all these situations?

Ways to reduce anxiety disorder

Yes, it’s the feeling, the emotion you had during all these moments. The feeling of anxiety or stress.

The way you were stressed about entering the school, leaving your parents behind for straight 4-5 hours.

The anxiety you had while you were about to start with the presentation and all eyes were glued to you.

The butterflies you had in your stomach while entering your first job on the very first day.

The sudden rush of emotions you felt while proposing your partner and the stress you had while you were getting married and taking a step ahead in your life without having a clue of your future.

All of us feel these emotions at some other point of time in our lives. These emotions are termed as anxiety or stress. While these feelings are not harmful but can overpower us in some or other way.

Moreover,The Washington Post says, stress or anxiety is being experienced by approximately 60% of adults in the United States.

The feeling of anxiety should not be taken lightly and thus should be treated while there’s still time so that it will not that the face of depression or panic attacks.

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Symptoms of anxiety

  • Increased heart rate
  • Rapid breathing
  • Restlessness
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Difficulty in sleeping

These symptoms can differ from person to person and hence should be treated differently.

Natural ways to reduce anxiety disorder

Regular Exercising

Exercising helps in cheering up the mood and reducing the feeling of anxiety. Weight lifting also has a positive effect on calming down the anxiety level in a person. Taking a walk for 20 minutes can also be helpful.

“Moderate physical activity such as walking for 60 minutes, 4 days per week, can be nearly as effective as medication for reducing anxiety,” says Dawn Jonas, NMD, with the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. 

Take Proper SleepWays to reduce anxiety disorder

Though a person with anxiety finds it difficult to sleep but taking proper sleep will be the best way to reduce anxiety. One way to get a sound sleep of about 7-9 hours a day is to maintain a sleeping routine i.e., sleeping a waking up at the same time.

“Inadequate sleep increases the production of stress hormones that can exacerbate anxiety,” says Jonas.


Calm yourself down by focusing on your breathing and meditation. This practice can be followed on daily basis or during the time you are feeling anxious. Initially, it might be challenging but slowly and steadily you will be able to do it.

“When we practice mindfulness or relaxation techniques, we learn how to calm down feelings of anxiety or not let them get in the way of our lives,” says Alisa Kamis-Brinda, a psychotherapist at Serenity Solutions in Philadelphia. 

Laughter TherapyWays to reduce anxiety disorder

Laughing is the best way to reduce the stress level as it helps in boosting up the mood. According to studies, laughter first increases your stress level but gradually it makes your heart rate and blood pressure calm up to a point where you start feeling happy and relaxed.

The Mayo Clinic says laughing stimulates your heart and lungs, bringing in lots of oxygen-rich air. It also ups your endorphins, the brain’s feel-good neurotransmitter, and improves your immune functioning.

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Use Scented Candles

Lighting up a scented candle will help to reduce the stress level as the aroma of the candle gets into your brain making you feel less anxious or stressed. Also, it has been proved that aromatherapy is the best way to lighten up your mood and reduce anxiety.

Maintain a JournalWays to reduce anxiety disorder

Sometimes it happens that the way you are feeling cannot be discussed with a person. The best way out is to write it down in your journal to take it out and lighten up your mood.

The other thing that you can do is think of the positive things you are grateful for in your life. Doing this will divert your mind, making you feel less anxious and happy.

Eat Healthy

Start eating healthy such as green leafy vegetables and cut on the refined carbohydrates as well as sugary substances as it increases the risk of anxiety by 25%.

Avoid drinking alcohol as it gives you temporary relief but gradually increases the level of anxiety.

The Last Line

As they say, prevention is better than cure, prevent your anxiety when it’s time or, the consequences can even lead you to depression or anxiety attacks. We believe, the above-mentioned remedies could be of great help.

Stay Fit Stay Healthy!

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