Spot Jogging- Is it better than Normal Jogging or Walking?

Cardiovascular workouts are popular among gym-goers and frequent practitioners alike. Whether it’s taking off, traveling into the mountains with all of their equipment, racing, or sweating it out at their local fitness center, cycling for some is the sport of choice but not Spot Jogging or Walking.

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10 Most Effective Strategies on How to Run a Longer Distance

Runners who wish to take long-distance often complain that they either get bored or burned out even before they attain their long distance running goal. This 5 minutes read could make you push harder to learn how to run a longer distance.

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Pronation Vs Supination of Foot- How it may affect your Walking or Running?

While you ignore your discomfort, you are making way for these conditions. Few of the examples of ignoring discomforts are soreness, twists, sprains, leg, hip, knee, or back pain. The only remedy for this is to rest. However, resting does not eliminate this problem completely. Adjusting the gait can be of great help in the situation.

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Running for health benefits? 10 most effective benefits of Running

Running everyday helps in achieving various goals in life apart from being healthy. as per studies, 5-10 minutes of running daily may diminish the risk of death from several possible diseases. Cross & strength training should be included in your weekly plan to become a healthy and strong runner.

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