Spot Jogging Benefits

Cardiovascular exercises are well-liked among gym-goers and frequent practitioners alike. Whether it’s taking off, traveling into the mountains with all of their equipment, racing, or sweating it out at their local fitness center, cycling for some is the sport of choice but not Spot Jogging or Walking. Let’s dive deep to know the spot jogging benefits for weight loss.

Yet another person may enjoy hiking, climbing, or practicing with a speed bag. They are fortunate that they have discovered something they like doing that also serves as a wonderful exercise.

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Few prefer to go to a fitness club or gym, get on an elliptical or row machine, and just get started. We all should work within our limits, regardless of whether we enjoy a particular pastime or prefer to keep things straight forward.

In this fast moving world, performing workout are becoming less feasible due to numerous factors like work, location, family time, weather, lifestyle & other obligations.

So, if you think, running or walking is boring & looking for some other right option to burn quicker calories, this one is for you.

Spot Running Benefits

  • It’s an Indoor workout
  • Leads to Healthy Weight Loss
  • Tremendous Calorie Burner
  • Better Intensity than Jogging

Indoor Work-Out

Whether it is in the neighborhood or on the track, Jogging or Running among various individuals has long been a popular exercise. However, for whatever reason, you may not want to go for a run around your neighborhood. For example, there may be excessive traffic, harsh heat or cold, or a safety issues.

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Perhaps you are uncomfortable with the idea of using a treadmill (although Treadmill Running has many Benefits), or you do not have the required room or funds to invest in such an item. Whereas, you may go for a bit of jogging in place. You don’t have to worry about the weather when jogging will prove to be a time-saver for you.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

The act of jogging on the spot is one of the effective exercise can help you lose belly fat quickly. Using this method, you can burn calories while improving your cardiovascular health. If you prefer doing high-knees or jumping jacks, you’ll likely appreciate this exercise (which you can incorporate into the routine for variety).

This workout can be performed without any equipment from the comfort of your home. Besides, You can choose to workout bare feet if you’re doing it on carpet or a mat to feel more comfortable. (and you still have the choice of grabbing your running shoes, if you prefer).

Calorie Burner

Depending on your intention, Jogging in place can practiced as low as well as high intensity workout. It’s a tremendous calorie-burning exercise that’s suitable for both beginners and experts. The best way of jogging in place is demonstrated in many free videos on the internet by people of all shapes and sizes.

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If you are curious about the best way to jog on the spot, there is one nice workout video available online where Jogging on the spot is being demonstrated in an excellent manner as given below.

How Many Calories You Burn per Minute in Spot Jogging ?

You get engaged in a form of cardio while jogging in place which is varied in intensity. You are unquestionably burning a lot of calories. Since, the step count would be less in comparison to walking; You may want to speed up your exercise if your goal is to burn more calories in a day while keeping your heart & lungs stable & healthy.

Naturally, if you are attempting for weight loss and burn a significant amount of calories, you will have to put in more energy.

As an example, if you target is to burn 50 calories a day while jogging on the spot, you would need to complete 1,000 steps to attain that goal, according to fitness experts. For instance, if you want to burn more calories per day, say 300 calories per day, while jogging on the spot, you will need to do 6000 steps while doing the activity.

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Another method of estimating calories expended is to consider the amount of time spent practicing the workout. For a 185-pound person, 10 minutes will burn approximately 90 calories or about 530 calories per hour at an average pace.

Benefits of Spot Jogging/ Running in Place Benefits

  • An aerobic workout that keeps you moving, which strengthen your muscle & enhances flexibility & stability.
  • You must follow it properly to reap the benefits of on the Spot Jogging. On the Spot Jogging on a carpet or mat helps in reducing impact & stress on your body.
  • On the Spot Jogging reduces your pain or stress & make your knees healthier & stronger.
  • Enhanced circulation, Improved lung capacity & cardiovascular function is possible with this workout.
  • On the Spot Jogging helps in healthy weight loss by elevating blood sugar levels, cut more calories & raises your heart rate.
  • If you’re looking to improvise your posture, running in place while involving abdominal muscles could help, as per a research back in 2015.
  • You tend to develop balance & coordination with jogging in place, as a result, this may lessen the chances of your fall or injuries.
  • Mix Running in Place with other cardio exercises could prevent you from getting fatigue & helps in engaging other muscles.
  • Spot Jogging may be good when you’re locked in a room, at work or with limited alternatives of running or other longer cardio exercises.

Variations on the Spot Jogging Technique

Variation 1: High Knees


As you execute the workout, bring your knees to your chest in this high knees variation. Although it is far more challenging than spot jogging, the amount of calories burned is significantly more.

Variation 2: Spot Jogging HIIT

Increase your heart rate significantly with this technique. For example, usually jogging for 20 seconds, sprinting for 20 seconds, and resting for 60 seconds would be an appropriate workout. Then you can repeat the process as many times as you need to get the desired results.

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Spot Jogging Vs Walking

  • You’ll find that walking is more convenient than jogging when you compare the two. Certainly, more extended periods are less challenging to manage.
  • However, compared to walking, running in place has a more explosive element that necessitates a significant increase in effort.
  • Whether you’re jogging on the spot, on a treadmill, or on the street, jogging puts an impact on your knees.
  • In terms of environmental impact, jogging in place is the least harmful of all methods, but it is nowhere near as effective as walking or running.
  • It causes an impact on your knees every time you lift one of your legs and then lower it, whereas when you walk, you are moving via a more fluid, gliding, rhythmic action, which has less stress on your knees and joints than when you run or jump.
  • Without a doubt, both of these workouts are excellent for your general health; however, which one you choose will be determined by your degree of fitness, location, and desired end.
  • Hamstrings & glutes are being focused by the efforts from walking. Whereas, Spot Jogging works on calves, quadriceps & glutes.
  • Spot Jogging being a lower impact workout still put more effect on your knees than walking.

Spot Jogging Vs Running

  • Different muscle movements are required in Spot Jogging than in Normal Running. Jogging on the spot doesn’t get involve with the same mechanics. As a result you end up losing more muscles in Running, hence burning more calories.
  • Spot jogging doesn’t require those muscle movement which makes you move forward. You strengthen your lower leg & ankle, since toes are more involved in spot jogging.
  • Spot Jogging puts more pressure on Hips & Knees. Jogging on the spot lifts your knees up than moving forward, which may result in more soreness & discomfort than in Running.
  • Correct form is required in Spot jogging, which may be difficult to carry for longer periods. It is ideal for 10-15 minutes session & when you have limited space (like in Covid-19).
  • Hamstrings & glutes gets activated faster with regular running while putting less pressure on hips. As mentioned above, running gives more cardiovascular benefits & easy on your body than Spot Jogging.
  • Spot jogging is recommended if you just have 10-15 minutes in a day & have limited space. However, maintaining the right form of running in place could be difficult for longer periods.

Amazing Tips for Spot Jogging

Remember why you are doing it, keep your eyes on your goals.

  • Warm up your body with few workouts when you begin.
  • Stick to your est periods.
  • Some excellent music could definitely help.
  • Concentrate on keeping your core engaged.
  • Your posture should be checked often.
  • Consume water only during your rest intervals.


No equipment is required for either running or walking in place to burn calories and maintain your health. Since, Running in place is stationary & can be practiced at higher intensity; Jogging on the spot differs significantly from walking. Although, Both of these are excellent forms of exercise that will be beneficial to your overall health and fitness.

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Desired results through Jogging in Place could be attained, but it depends on several factors. Individual’s health problems, how much time you can spend in a day, what is your geographical location & your belief towards workout plays an important role. Personal preference will ultimately prevail.

Each of these exercises is wonderful, and they will both provide you with significant benefits in their own right. You should take your time and make the decision that is most appropriate for you. Keep in mind that you can always stop and try another option if one option does not work out for you.

Make it a good time, remember to warm up and stretch before you begin, and enjoy yourself!


Is it okay to Jog Everyday?

One can have several health benefits while jogging everyday. As per the studies, running or jogging for 5-10 minutes could reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke & potential risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Is Jogging Good for Weight Loss?

To Begin with, 15-20 minutes of Spot Jogging could help in burning initial calories. If you’re in good state of health, gradually increasing to 30 minutes daily may help your body lose weight at a higher pace.

Does Spot Jogging Reduce Weight?

Balanced diet with 500 less Calories daily along with 10 minutes of Spot Jogging could help in reducing approx. 2 pounds of weight per week. Once needs to practice fixing metabolism while working on weight loss.

Does Jogging on the Spot Burn Belly Fat?

Jogging in Place is a speedy & comfortable way to get rid of belly fat & to lose weight. In case you don’t own a treadmill or can’t go for a outside walk. Jogging in Place can be amazing substitute to lose the required calories.

Is Jogging on the spot as good as walking?

Jogging on the spot may be more beneficial if weight loss is on your mind, because it put more pressure on your joints than walking. Hence, it results in more calories burn. However, as walking puts less stress on your body, you may be able to for a longer period of time.


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