Walking Vs Running Vs Cycling- Which is best workout for weight loss?

Life becomes really unpleasant without fitness in this tough & competitive society. Do you know the best workout for weight loss fast? Let’s find out which is the best among Walking vs Running vs Cycling.

To keep up with the rapidly changing modern society, one needs to look good. Looks are the first thing a person is being judged upon. Besides, mostly everyone in today’s world, is struggling hard to get in shape and attain their dream bodies.

While looking at the videos of our favorite stars working out at their homes in their luxury home gyms, we also wish for one. Maintain a perfect body is not a big deal for them with those fully equipped gyms. But what if I say, the same isn’t hard for you as well?

  • Yes, what if we are not blessed with those gyms and weights?
  • What if we are not able to follow the proper diets?
  • What if we are locked in our homes?

We can still maintain our bodies and look stunning to compete with the modern world.

Best exercise for weight loss fast

To choose between walking vs running, starting from the scratch, one can go for Cardio at home, Cardio doesn’t involve any heavy exercise with weights or rods. It includes walking and running.

Benefits of Cardio

  • It helps in losing and maintaining weight.
  • Boosts stamina.
  • Improves our immunity system.
  • Strengthens heart.
  • Extends our lives.

Cardiovascular exercises are a great start in the direction of losing weight, but running has its own advantages over walking.

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Walking vs Running

Walking Vs Running

According to the researches, it has been proved that running burns double the number of calories as compared to that of walking. Running helps in elevating our heart rate and thus losing more pounds. However, it is still a question whether running is best exercise for weight loss at home or is it cycling?

The number of calories burned per mile is about 10 to 30 percent more while running than walking. For example, if a person weighs around 160 pounds, running at 5 miles per hour will burn up to 606 calories by running.

On the other hand, walking can burn only around 314 calories. Though some twerks can be made in order to match the number of calories burned by walking vs running.

Rather than walking normally, one can go for speed walking or power walking, which includes walking at a quite higher pace than usual, which in turns helps in losing more calories than normal walk.

The other way could be incline walking, which includes walking at an elevated surface, doing this will include more of your muscles and thus losing more calories. Remember, do not increase the incline at one go, rather increase it at regular intervals.

However, Pros and Cons go hand in hand. Though running has its advantages over walking, it has some negatives too.

Running can lead to injuries such as

  • Fractures due to stress on the muscles.
  • Shin splints.
  • ITB friction syndrome (Iliotibial band friciton).

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While walking does not burn the number of calories that you want, it comes with some positives as well.

Positive side of Walking

  • Walking gives an option to stop and take a look at the beautiful scenery.
  • Sweat less, and do not need a shower after that.
  • One could wear the normal clothes while walking.
  • You can slowly pace up to be a runner.

But if you are practicing walking from quite a long time and are not able to pace up to the running, then this could be your solution.

Increase Endurance for Running

  • Be consistent while walking, for example if you are walking for about 30-45 minutes a day, then try to walk the whole duration and at the end of a week, increase the time by 5-10 minutes.
  • Pick the right pair of running shoes to take a proper grip while running
  • Try to start running by covering shorter distances say about for 5-10 a session.
  • Food plays a vital role in increasing the stamina for running. Try to eat more carbs to get the energy needed by your body for running or right multivitamin supplements and nutrients and fats include Omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Train your mind according to your set goals. Walking more than the usual timings can be daunting for your mind which will not allow your body to pace up.

You will be able to run more efficiently covering a great distance after practicing the above outline. However, one should know the how bouts of running, before starting with it on ground.

Every exercise requires some sort of stretching for about 10-15 minutes to loosen up our body muscle so that we should any kind of injury. The same formula applies to running as well to differentiate between walking vs running.

Walking vs Cycling

Best exercise for weight loss at home

The other way of losing weight or so called best exercise for weight loss at home and getting into those rigorous workout sessions is cycling. As compared to walking cycling also burns a large number of calories if done in the way.

One should maintain a daily schedule for cycling, in order to get the desired results. It has been observed that cycling helps losing weight much faster in comparison to walking, though the number of calories burned are the same.

Apart from that cycling provides a short interval to relax while pedaling, whereas walking requires the continuous efforts of a person. The muscles involved in cycling are glutes and quadriceps, whereas the muscle involved in walking are calves and gluteus medius, which in turn does not help in toning process.

As said earlier, everything has its own pros and cons. Cycling can cause great injuries which can sideline you for weeks. On the other hand, walking is the safest option to avoid any kind of injuries.

Walking doesn’t involve any cost whereas, cost of buying a bicycle could be one negative point.

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Cycling vs Running

Best Workout for weight loss at home

Coming to cycling vs running, a person practicing running will be able to lose more weight as compared to a cycling. But if a person cycles for long hours, then eventually he/she can meet the same number of calories burned as in running.

Advantages of Running over Cycling

  • Cycling helps in building the muscles of the lower calf only, whereas running helps in the development of overall muscles.
  • Running helps in toning the whole-body muscles and burns more calories.
  • Depending upon a person’s hard-work, the amount of weight loss is more or less the time.

Do not feel let down if you are not a runner, practicing cycling in a good way can help you burn the same number of calories as running does and the same can be comparable between cycling vs running.

Tips while Cycling

  • Try to have a balance meal, include proper amount of carbs, proteins, and fats in your diet along with your cycling sessions.
  • Maintain your upper body as well. Cycling only concentrates with your lower body fat and to maintain a balance between your body, you need to practice some or the other kind of exercise to maintain your upper body as well.
  • Start with long and easy roads. Do not try to be harsh on your body on the first day of cycling in view of losing weight.
  • Refuel your body with health & balanced meal post your cycling session.
  • Try to stay hydrated while going out for your cycling beat the heat of summer and preventing dehydration.

Factors to consider when buying a bicycle

  • Take your time in selecting the suitable cycle.
  • Try to set a budget in advance.
  • Keeping in mind your cycling style, chose the right cycle.
  • Get proper information on the cycles available according to your needs through various sources such as magazines or internet.
  • Go to an expert and ask for his/her advice.
  • Keep in mind the brand of your cycle.
  • Try to shortlist at least 5 cycles according to your needs.
  • Do not forget to go for a test drive.

Types of Cycling Exercise

1. BMX: Overcome obstacles while crossing a certain distance in this type of cycling.

2. Tandem cycling: More than one person could pedal a bicycle. Losing weight with a joyride.

3. Cyclocross: a cycle converted into a road racing bike with mountain tyres, can be a fun for burning calories.

4. Mountain biking: trying to cycle on the steep slopes can also be useful in making muscles.

5. Road cycling: the normal way of cycling on roads to cover long distances and burning more fat.

Final words– Walking Vs Running Vs Cycling

Though everything has its own advantages and disadvantages, same goes for Walking, Running and Cycling. Practicing them in a proper way can help us burn the right number of calories needed by our body. As per the studies, it is considered that cycling is the best exercise for weight loss at home. Stay fit Stay Healthy!

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