Advantages of Yoga Asanas- 8 Effective Poses of Yoga for Eyes

The usage of mobile phones and other technical devices has no age restrictions. Optic nerve injury is caused by extended working hours and staring at displays for lengthy periods. It is impossible to prevent them, but you can reduce the pressure by practicing yoga for eyes for at least 10 minutes a day.

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As yet, there is no definite proof that eye yoga improves your eyesight. However, it has been shown to reduce stress and improve cognitive performance. To improve your vision, let’s look at some of the best yoga asanas described in this article.

Yoga for Eyes

Advantages of Yoga for Eyes 

1. Eye Circles and Eye Bags can be Eliminated

As a first step, try Yoga for eyes to eliminate dark circles. Practice yoga movements for eyes such as eyeball palming five to ten minutes daily to eliminate eye circles and bags in no time. 

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2. Natural Way to Treat Myopia

Yoga for eyes is another benefit of Yoga. It is possible to improve your vision by practicing blinking eye yoga and sideward and front gazing eye yoga exercises. Only a few minutes of practice can help you safely reduce Myopia.

3. Remove the Cause of Your Dry Eyes

In addition, Yoga is one of the most effective therapies for dry eye syndrome, as well. When your eyes are overly sensitive to wind or heat, they become itchy and inflamed. This is known as dry eye syndrome. If you have dry eyes, you can practice some basic eye yoga to treat the condition permanently by keeping the eyes hydrated.

4. Prevent Wrinkles and Decrease their Appearance

Yoga is a natural way of preventing and reducing wrinkles. So what is eye yoga, and how does it help with wrinkles? You can minimize tension and anxiety by two main factors contributing to wrinkles.

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One, by regularly doing eye yoga exercises, especially if you habitually scrunch your brow when you’re anxious. Yoga for the face can also help you tone your jawline, smoothen your skin, and make you feel younger.

Effective Poses of Yoga for Eyes

Here is a list of some helpful yoga exercises with thorough instructions.

1. Palming

If your tired eyes are looking for treatment, palming is the best yoga practice for eye. This technique offers your eyes warmth from your hands and also assists your eye muscles to relax. So keep this workout for eye relaxation at last.


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How To Do

  • Take a seat on a chair with a table in front of you and relax.
  • Keep your elbows firmly placed on the table.
  • Cup your eyes with both of your palms together.
  • While performing this exercise, remember to take deep breaths in and out and relax your muscles.
  • Hold this position for approximately 30 seconds.
  • At this point, get into the resting position.

2. Blinking– Yoga for Eyes

The continual looking at computer or cellphone device causes us to forget to blink. As a result, you may feel tired both mentally and physically. Blinking is a pain-relieving eye activity.

Yoga for Eyes

How To Do

  • Take a comfortable seat and keep your eyes open.
  • Blink approximately ten times very quickly.
  • Focus on your breathing for 20 seconds while closing your eyes and letting go of your worries.
  • Repeat this exercise approximately five times.

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3. Preliminary Nose Tip Gazing

Using the power of your eyes, use this eye yoga exercise to accommodate and improve your eye muscle flexibility and strength. This exercise should be done regularly to achieve effective outcomes.

Nose Tip Gazing

How To Do

  • Sit comfortably with your legs crossed.
  • Your right arm should be placed in front of your nose as you slowly lift it.
  • It would be best if you made a fist with your right hand, with your thumb pointing up in the air.
  • The tip of your thumb is an excellent place to focus your attention.
  • Slowly bend your hand, bringing your thumb to the tip of your nose. Try to keep your eyes on your thumb.
  • As you slowly straighten your arm, keep your gaze fixed on your thumb and your fingers.
  • This should be done five times to get the most significant benefits possible.

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4. Trataka

Trataka is an eye yoga exercise that is supposed to improve vision and concentration to a significant degree. This technique also helps to empty your mind of any thoughts, allowing you to feel more relaxed by distancing your thoughts from your body.

Yoga for Eyes

How To Do

  • Either sit on a chair or a couch with your legs crossed.
  • Light a candle and place it on the table in front of you.
  • Maintain complete concentration on the flame without blinking.
  • Now, slowly close your eyes for a moment.
  • Go through the process three times.
  • Begin by incorporating small amounts of practice into your day.

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Conclusion- Yoga for Eyes

These eye asanas expand your yoga practice with advantages, from better vision to increased attention and spiritual understanding. They help protect your idea from light, tension and environmental pressures together with a good diet and frequent exercise.

As you become older, you can take a gentle, understanding view of the world and learn to see yourself and others as one.

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