Metabolism Slows down with Age- How to Fix a Slow Metabolism?

To put it simply, if you can remember your adolescent years, you’ll know how it is to get home after school, open the fridge, and fill your favorite cereal dish to the top. It was just a few hours later than you would be eating down a large dinner yet remaining slim. There is no doubt that our Slow Metabolism becomes more slows as we become older.

It is unfortunate, but those few weeks of delicious junk food begin to have a longer-lasting influence on our bodies, to our deep regret.

Slow Metabolism

Our Metabolism slows down for several reasons, and there are things we can do to slow it down.

What is Metabolism?

A cellular chemical reaction is referred to as Metabolism. Cell healing and energy use are accomplished through these chemical processes.

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Brain cells are busy working on storing information such as memories. In the process, they provide instructions to the body and generate thoughts. Some other cells may follow these instructions issued by the brain, and they might use the fuel for that. Metabolism is the fundamental biological mechanism. Without it, your body can’t function.

Metabolism Occurs in Two Distinct Forms

As per the illustrious Nutritionist, Ms. Rujuta Diwekar, Metabolism doesn’t changes & stays same from birth to death.

There are 2 processes which contribute to Metabolism.

Anabolic Metabolism are the reactions after consumption of meals that result in the formation of new good molecules like bones, muscles or nerves connection.

Catabolic Metabolism is a metabolic process in which molecules are broken down (with age).

Before this discussion of Metabolism and weight loss, another word recently gaining popularity is metabolic rate. The exact amount of fat you keep in your body is determined by the amount of insulin your body produces.

What is Metabolic Rate? 

Your metabolic rate is the speed at which your body’s metabolic processes occur, such as chemical reactions. This rate equals the number of calories you burn, and that number is the nutritional intake you have to consume.

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Basal Metabolic Rate for Men = 10 x weight (kg) + 6.25 x height (cms) – 5 x age (years) + 5

Basal Metabolic Rate for Women = 10 x weight (kg) + 6.25 x height (cms) – 5 x age (years) – 161

Why Does Metabolism Slow Down With Age?

It is essential to have a greater metabolic rate to help prevent undesirable fat accumulation in the body. Additionally, it is necessary to verify that all needed operations are working smoothly.

But unfortunately, as we get older, it becomes progressively more difficult.

Surprising Reasons for Slow Metabolism 

1. As You Become Older, You Lose Muscle Mass

Muscle mass, beyond age 30, becomes resistant to growth impulses and begins to get depleted. Sarcopenia is the term for the loss of muscle mass. Muscle is also needed to help boost the metabolic rate of the human body. Thus, the loss of muscle mass entails a decline in the speed at which your body processes require chemicals.

A reduction in metabolic rate results in a loss of strength since the procedures necessary to keep your cells nourished isn’t occurring, and your cells aren’t getting enough food. Also, there is not enough fuel to allow the cell damage repair to happen as regularly as it should.

2. Less Physical Activity

Inadequate muscle mass already impairs a person’s ability to exercise. You may have noticed, however, that older folks are rarely involved in any other activity. As you get older, you may want to employ other individuals to help with household duties. 

This means that most people want to spend their time sitting and watching TV or reading books, which does not require much energy expenditure. This leads to an overall decrease in metabolic rate

Simple Yet Effective Ways to Boost Metabolism

Fortunately, few approaches can keep your metabolic rate constant or increase it. And they’re not overly complex.

1. Consume Metabolism-Boosting Foods

To speed up the metabolic rate, there are plenty of metabolism-boosting items you may include to your diet. Foods that contain monounsaturated fats are also available.

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However, these are not the fats that causes weight gain. Instead, this type of fat releases a fat-burning hormone called Glucagon in your body when consumed. Some sources are olive oil, nuts, seeds, and fish

2. Drink Enough Water

Drinking Water

Water is a proven aid in digestion and also benefits the skin. It is understood that while the body is hydrated, it will use more energy.

In other words, the findings conclude that it promotes more chemical reactions occurring in the body. This means that increased Metabolism occurs.

3. Proper Sound Sleep

The unhealthier food you eat, the more work your body must do get rid itself of toxins. When you are sleep-deprived, it only gets worse. Because, people who do not get enough sleep are generally more irritable throughout the day. Besides, People are also hungrier, so they have less willpower.

You will be happier and have more willpower if you get enough rest, so it’s essential to sleep well.

4. Cut the Sugar– Fix Slow Metabolism

Another good reason to stop consuming sugar is your slow Metabolism. Sugar requires the release of insulin in the body to be digested. The good news is, insulin is a fat-storage hormone; thus, this is a fat-storage disorder, not diabetes. It will preserve your energy and use little metabolic energy.

Therefore, decreasing your metabolic rate. You must limit your sugar intake. That includes even synthetic sugar. If you really cannot live without it, you can try Jaggery or Stevia instead. 

5. Do Not Drink Alcohol

Drinking alcohol can be detrimental to your health. Thus, it won’t be unexpected to learn that it also depletes your Metabolism. When alcohol is consumed, oxygen molecules are produced that are highly reactive.

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These are pretty toxic and can cause protein damage. The more you waste your body’s energy on the Metabolism of alcohol, the less it has to spend on vital bodily functions. 

Final WordsSlow Metabolism

The combined metabolic processes in cells to keep them operational are referred to as your overall Metabolism. It helps you be healthier by controlling the way your body works.

Finally, we shared with you two key reasons why Metabolism slows down with age, as well as practical approaches you may take to manage it. Conversely, you may want to keep an eye on it to avoid stressing yourself out.

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