Strange (But True) Reasons of your Weight Gain- Causes & Solutions

You’ve been working extremely hard to lose weight, but you’ve noticed that the scale is shifting the other way. Weight Gain when you don’t want to is so prevalent that it’s virtually considered the norm rather than the exception these days.

There are a variety of factors that can contribute to accidental weight gain. In that case, if the number on your scale is increasing and you are completely baffled as to why here are nine things to look for as potential causes. Although, there are few effective home workouts to lose belly fat.

The scale is tipped in the opposite direction despite your best efforts to lose weight. Besides, few lifestyle tips to lose belly fat could be adopted. It is possible to gain weight without intending to do so for a variety of reasons. For those of you who are experiencing an increase in weight but are unsure why here are few items to consider as potential causes.

Causes of Weight Gain

Causes of Weight Gain

1. Oil Overkill

Olive oil is good fat—as are some of the more expensive, hyped-up oils, such as grape seed and macadamia nut oil.

However, regardless of the type of oil you use, each tablespoon contains 120 calories.

Therefore, you must be extremely cautious about the amount of oil you use in your cooking, as well as in sauces and marinades.

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Solution: To get your oil dose without going crazy, aim for 1 to 2 teaspoons per person in one sitting.

2. Unforgiving Take-Out

Do you start your day with a bowl of oats or your favorite smoothie every morning before going to work? The calories in your food may be much higher than you realize, especially if you aren’t checking them or the restaurant doesn’t provide nutrition information.

Oatmeal may contain enormous amounts of butter and sugar, whereas the smoothie could be a substantial serving size and be made with high-fat dairy products.

Solution: Educate yourself on the foods you consume. Inquire about the entire list of ingredients in a meal, or dine at a restaurant that provides calorie counts on the menu. Additionally, you can brown-bag your meals and snacks to ensure that you know exactly what you’re eating every bite of the time.

3. FroYo Obsession– Causes of Weight Gain

Across the country, frozen yogurt stalls are quickly becoming a popular snack option. But, even if you choose the low-fat, sugar-free type to save calories, you could be consuming many more ounces (and calories) than you know! Also, do not forget about the garnishes, which are also important.

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Solution: Make yogurt a special treat for yourself, and pay great attention to how many ounces you are serving yourself at a time.

4. Mindless Picking

Weight Gain

Even while a few gummy bears here and a half-baked cookie there may not appear on your daily meal log; they all count toward your daily calorie goal.

The food on their children’s plates or in a co-worker’s basket of baked goods is something that some people do without thinking about it.

According to calculations, seemingly innocuous plucking can result in an additional 1,000 calories each day or more!

Solution: Consume food and beverages with awareness of what you’re doing. Ensure to keep a meal journal for a week or two to determine where the excess calories are coming from.

5. Not Enough sleep

According to a research, not getting enough sleep makes it more difficult to reach your weight loss goals. Furthermore, when you’re tired, you’re more likely to be less physically active and seek higher-calorie comfort foods like cookies and cake.

Solution: Aim for 6 to 8 hours of sleep each night.

6. Your Meds– Causes of Weight Gain

Drugs for high blood pressure and diabetes control, oral contraceptives, antidepressants, heartburn medications, and other medications might induce weight gain.

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However, from person to person, the amount of weight acquired can vary significantly. In many cases, weight gain occurs gradually, and you aren’t aware of it until it is too late to prevent it from occurring.

Solution: Discuss your concerns with a doctor or a certified dietitian. It should be before beginning a new drug or if you are unsure. Whether weight gain is a side effect of an existing medication you are taking.

It’s possible that your doctor can prescribe an alternative sort of medication, and if not, an RD can assist you in making sure that you’re doing everything possible to avoid weight gain.

7. Stress or Anxiety

Anxiety Disorder

Overeating can be triggered by stress. So a pint of calming ice cream sounds like the perfect after-work treat after a long and exhausting day at the office.

Solution: Every day, set aside 10 minutes for “me” time in which you can relax. This can take the shape of meditation, a bubble bath, or a walk with your canine companion.

Natural remedies of Reducing anxiety disorder could help in weight management.

Other Strange (But True!) Reasons you might be Gaining Weight

You’re using the Wrong Color Plate

According to the findings of a study published in the Journal of Consumer Research, the difference between the color of the plate and the color of the meal has a significant impact on our food consumption.

For example, individuals will serve and eat approximately 22 percent more food if the meal and plate are of the same color as each other; than the food and plate are of contrasting colors.

Your Glasses are the Wrong Shape

A short, fat glass will over-serve your drinks in your brain. You’ll serve and drink less if you use a tall, narrow glass.

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You’re distracted– Reason of Weight Gain

It almost probably indicates that you eat more while watching TV, listening to the radio or using the computer.

You Feel Guilty About What You’re Eating

If we often feel we ‘must not eat something, we’re hurried to gulp it down. Instead, strive to embrace your foods: slowly eat them, taste the flavor, texture and aroma, feel the pleasure of eating. Allow yourself to eat, and you will be far less prone to over-eat.

Eat Right, Stay Fit Stay Health!

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