Running for health benefits? – Benefits of Running Everyday

Running everyday helps in achieving various goals in life apart from being healthy. Cross & strength training should be included in your weekly plan to become a healthy and strong runner. Besides, there are few benefits of running everyday as mentioned below.

As per studies, 5-10 minutes of running daily may diminish the risk of death from several possible diseases. If you’re looking forward to transform your soul, mind & body, just 15-20 minutes of running daily could do that magic.

Running regularly offers several health benefits, lets deep dive in understanding the well being.

Running for Health Benefits

Benefits of Running Everyday

1. You Feel Cheerful

You must have noticed while working out you feel happy and relaxed because exercising releases a feel-good hormone known as endocannabinoids.

According to several studies, running for a mere 30 minutes will lift your mood and eases your depression level. People often say that running is their drug, well, this is true, a 2015 study showed that running can be as addictive as a drug.

2. Helps to Shed Extra Kilos

Running helps in losing weight and makes your body perfect by burning calories. The best part of exercising is that it not only burns the calories while working out but also after you are done with your exercise, this is commonly known as “after-burn.”

3. Stronger Joints & Bones

People are living in a myth that running can make your knees weak. But science has burst out this misconception and proved that running makes your knees stronger and increases its health. Running should be a must in every person’s daily routine.

4. Active lifestyle- Benefits of Running Everyday

According to studies, running makes you active and helps in retaining memory for a longer time. It helps in multitasking and also makes you attentive. Running regularly makes a lot of improvements in your mind as well.

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5. Reduces the Risk of Cancer

Though running is not a cure for cancer but it helps in reducing its risk. If someone is already diagnosed with cancer and undergoing chemotherapy, running can improve the quality of life.

6. Add years to Life

Running helps to add years to your life. As per various studies, smokers add 3 years and non-smokers add 4.1 years to their lives. Cancer patients add 5.3 years and those who are suffering from heart disease can add 4.3 years to their lives.

In a recent study, it was found that a group of 75 years old bikers & runners exercising for 50 years had a better biological profile in comparison to 25 years old.

7. Sound Sleep- Benefits of Running Everyday

The more you run, the more you sleep soundly. Regular exercising can improve your sleeping habits and let you sleep easily. Besides, workouts should be avoided 1 hour before your bedtime as it might disrupt your sleeping pattern.

Although, it has been found that the quality sleep is quite essential for every human being especially for athletes for body to do its repair work.

8. Boosts Confidence

Performing hard things in your running or workout could gain confidence and help in doing hard things elsewhere.

Running helps in enhancing the confidence of a person. You feel confident and motivated for your next goal when you set a target for yourself and achieve that goal in the desired time.

9. Running is Meditation- Benefits of Running Everyday

While you feel depressed or low, taking a short run makes everything refreshed and smooth. Running will improve your focus and also helps in fighting with the depression and anxiety.

10. No Time Boundation

Running doesn’t require any particular skill set like swimming, it can be done anytime. Running doesn’t require any skill set, but it requires a comfortable set of sport/ running shoes. Having a snugged pair of running shoes will never let you feel lethargic, rather it will help you with a great amount of support, that you need to run.


There are plenty of other health benefits of running daily apart from strength & weight loss. It will indeed, change the life you live.

Besides, it is the most economical & simplest form of workout. Only thing one requires is the running partner (Your Running Shoes) which will go miles along with you. So, go out & make the best of it and let your soul feel proud.

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