Top 6 Health Benefits of Treadmill Running | Things to consider before buying a Treadmill

Health Benefits of Treadmill Running | Things to consider before buying a Treadmill

Many equipment which helps in losing weight and becoming healthy. But, Treadmill is one such which is considered one of the fastest in delivering desired fitness results. Here are 6 vital health benefits of keeping a treadmill at your place.

Health Benefits of Treadmill Running

Health benefits of treadmill running

Burn More Calories

A treadmill helps in burning out a greater number of calories as compared to the other exercises as it includes the movement of all parts of the body at one go. Keeping your best treadmill for home use helps you reduce those extra calories as and when you want to.

Heart Health as best health benefits of treadmill running

Heart health could be remarkably better because of cardiovascular exercise on treadmill. Besides, treadmill running is one of the best form of cardio exercise & could be beneficial to those with high cholesterol or cardiovascular issues. One will be able to perform many exercise due to significant healthy heart rate.

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Tone your Muscles

Treadmill running provides a full-body workout which could give power to multiple muscles. The workout on treadmill not only engages with legs but the back, arms & abdomen. Moreover, correct posture while running strengthen the core & makes a full clock work-out. In order to increase the intensity, people add weight while exercising on treadmill. This practice is proven to be one of the best health benefits of treadmill running.

No time Restriction

You do not have to leave the treadmill for someone else’s turn, as you do in your gym. Having a treadmill at home will give you an ample amount of time to run or jog with the breaks that your body requires. One could be engaged either in warm up or in cool down depending on the fitness level.

Controlled Workout

Either a beginner or a pro, anyone who practice running on treadmill has a complete control. Besides, you could adjust many aspects like speed or incline according to your mood and energy.

Simplest way to Exercise– Health benefits of treadmill running

Running on a treadmill is the simplest way to exercise if you are not a gym bunny. If you are the one who feels shy while exercising in front of other people, then you should go and buy a best treadmill for home use as it will help you ditch the crowd while maintaining your body.

Keeping in mind these points, it becomes easy for a person to get out of the dilemma of buying a home treadmill or not. Exercising makes a person happy as it gives them the desired shape that they are yearning for. But there’s nothing better than having a workout session at home. Therefore, one should buy a home treadmill to get out of the hustle-bustle of gyms.

Health Benefits of Treadmill running

Things to consider before buying a Treadmill

While the market is flooded with a variety of so called best treadmill for home use, one has to be careful in buying a new one. Given below is a list of factors or things to consider before buying a treadmill.

Check out the price and quality

While everybody is not that financially strong, thus one can opt for a second-hand treadmill. A good brand always charges for its quality and hence the used treadmill will also cost a bit high. Also, keep in mind to check the quality of that used treadmill as well. You can judge the quality by checking the weight and the parts of a treadmill.

Keep a good knowledge of the motor

Look for the condition of the motor. Motor is the heart and soul of a treadmill. If the motor is in great condition you can go for a second-hand treadmill also. Ensure that the treadmill shouldn’t be older than 5 years.

Even if you are looking for a new treadmill, the specification of the motor should be taken into account. Motor ensures the life of a treadmill. One motor helps to lower the incline, the other helps to raise the incline. One should always go for a treadmill with 2.5 to 3 Horse Power.

Storage capacity

It is advised that a treadmill should be unplugged while not in use. Also, while storing a treadmill for a long time, it is recommended to loosen up the belt to prevent the unwanted issues, this can be done by adjusting the screws on the side of the roller.

Check the warranty

Checking for the warranty by the manufacturer will give you a fair idea about the life and quality of a treadmill. Try to look for a best treadmill for home use that offers you a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor, or at least a warranty for 10 years. Look for a 5-year warranty for electronics and 2-year warranty of parts and labor.

Consider the number of people using the treadmill

Keep in mind the number of users of the treadmill after your purchase. If it is used by several people, multiple times a day, then you should go for more durable treadmill.

But if you are planning to use it for a smaller duration, than you can go for a normal treadmill. Whether you are going to use it for running or walking, is also an important consideration. If you are planning to run on a treadmill, then choosing a treadmill with a durable belt should be your preference.

Check for weight restrictions to avail health benefits of treadmill running

Looking for a best treadmill for home use, you must look for the weight restrictions i.e. a treadmill for home use comes with a capacity of 110 kgs in weight. On the other hand, a commercial treadmill comes with a capacity of 225 to 270 kilograms of weight. One should choose the best treadmill for home use as per the requirements.

Other things to look for

Apart for the given factors, some other factors that should be kept in mind are as follows:

Considering weight

Take a proper note of your height and weight, doing this will help you find the best treadmill for home use accordingly.

Size of the belt

the best belt size would be 48 inches in length and 16 inches in width.

Speed of the treadmill

Every treadmill comes with a different speed. For runners, a speed of 10 MPH is considered ideal.


Inclination is essentially required for those who want to lose weight, walk, and run. The best treadmill for home use in India will give up 10% of it.


Make sure that the treadmill you are going to buy is stable i.e. it does not shake when you walk or run on it.

Perfect cushioning for health benefits of treadmill running

By cushioning we mean that the belt of the treadmill does not move here and there whenever you step on it. A perfect cushion makes your treadmill the best.

Control panel

A layman also should be able to operate the treadmill’s control panel. The functions provided in it should be easy and simple to follow. One should not face any kind of difficulty while pressing the button on the control panel.

a) Flywheel: flywheel helps in controlling the speed of the treadmill. It helps a person to maintain speed and not prevent sudden jerks.

b) Rollers: rollers help in reducing the harm on the belt and motor of the treadmill. Rollers give proper support to the belt.

c) Frame: treadmill with an aluminum frame should be chosen as it is rust free and stronger, hence allows you to run more.


Durability is one of the main point to consider while buying a best treadmill. One should analyze as to how long will the moving parts of the treadmill work. If they require a regular placement, then it is not worth purchasing the treadmill.

Safety for health benefits of treadmill running

While buying a treadmill, one must consider the safety features attached. A safety key plug could be pulled to stop the treadmill immediately. In case you are not able to operate the control panel properly, you can use the safety key.

Running deck

Buying a treadmill with a roller running deck will be helpful as it helps in moving the rubber belt easily. A person gets safety benefit from a shock absorbance feature which comes in multiple decks.

Keeping in mind the above factors, one can choose the best treadmill for home use.

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