Home Remedies- Ayurvedic Medicine for Diabetes

People’s lifestyle have become increasingly stressful in recent years. As a result, it is easy for individuals to get into destructive behaviors. Medical traumas such as high blood pressure, binge eating, excessive cholesterol levels, depression, and more are caused by daily life stress. They result in diabetes when taken as a whole. Ayurvedic Medicine for Diabetes can be useful in prevention.

Ayurveda is an ancient medicinal system for treating a wide range of ailments and boosting general health. Herbs, lifestyle adjustments, and dietary changes are all part of the Ayurvedic approach to diabetes management.

Ayurvedic Medicine for Diabetes

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How does Ayurveda Heal High Blood Sugar?

A primary goal of Ayurveda for diabetes treatment is to help people return to “Pathogenesis Reversal,” also known as “Samprapti Vighatana.” Numerous Ayurvedic remedies are used to combat diabetes. Managing this disorder is certainly not difficult, but it can provide challenges.

To treat diabetes, you can use Ayurvedic herbs and make lifestyle adjustments. Combining these two approaches will help you maintain your glucose levels steady.

Other than that, Ayurveda recommends home remedies that everyone may practice to take the next step and begin to manage their diabetes. Before trying out some of those home treatments, consult your doctor.

Ayurvedic Medicine for Diabetes

Panchakarma Detox for Diabetes Control

People with diabetes who do not follow the Panchakarma regimen, risk long-term complications and shortened life spans. After undergoing a Panchakarma procedure, diabetes will be better treated with holistic mind-body therapies, dietary adjustments, yoga, and stress management.

Success occurs because toxin clearance is improved by detoxification, which allows cells to work correctly. Depending on the patient body mass, the Panchakarma therapy plan varies.

Vamana Therapy
Source: sankalphospotal.co.in

A malnourished individual is treated with a combination of nourishing treatments and medications. Panchakarma (Vamana and Virechana) treatments are recommended for obese individuals. Udwartana, a dry herb powder massage, is conducted before the detoxification process to reduce visceral fat.

Ayurvedic Medicines for diabetes- Virechana Therapy
Source: sankalphospotal.co.in

To reduce obesity and insulin resistance, a series of soothing therapies such as Jambeera Pinda Sweda/Choorna Pind Sweda, followed by Bashpa Sweda, is performed.

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Ayurvedic Medicine for Diabetes- Jambeera Pinda
Jambeera Pinda- Source- kalariayurveda.com.au

It involves massaging the stomach with a herb combination that breaks down cellulite and leads to inch loss.

To relax and soothe the mind, Shirodhara or Shiro Takra Dhara is performed. In order to maintain proper circadian cycles in the human body, Dinacharya and Ratricharya are carefully controlled.

Shirodhara- Source- ayuruniverse.com

In Treating Diabetes and Decreasing Blood Sugar Levels, Few Home Treatments are Beneficial

Home Remedies- Ayurvedic Medicine for Diabetes

1. Mango Leaves

Place 15 fresh Mango leaves in 1 glass of water. Then, boil them until the leaves are tender. Leave it overnight for the best results. Drinking this water empty stomach in morning leads to desired results. Soft mango leaves have been shown to control blood sugar levels by regulating insulin levels.

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2. Basil Leaves

Basil leaves (Tulsi) are high in antioxidants, which assist in reducing oxidative stress, as well as essential oils, which aid in regulating blood sugar levels. Drink two teaspoons of juice made from basil leaves on an empty stomach every morning.

3. Amla (Indian Gooseberry)

Indian gooseberry (Amla) contains vitamin C, which supports the optimal functioning of the pancreas. Take two tablespoons of the juice from the fruit and mix it with a glass of water. Do this drink every day before breakfast on an empty stomach.


In the morning, take two teaspoons of Amla juice with a pinch of turmeric powder.

4. Fenugreek Seeds

Fiber-rich fenugreek seeds are effective in reducing diabetes; because they contain a lot of soluble fibre in it. Fenugreek seeds should be soaked overnight and consumed in the morning before breakfast.

It is also possible to grind the seeds into a powder and blend them with milk. Then, during a few months, repeat this medication every day to manage blood sugar levels.

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5. Bitter Gourd

Karela/bitter gourd juice should be drunk on an empty stomach in the morning as a diabetes treatment.

6. Cinnamon powder

This is a frequently-used home remedy. Besides, it is one of the most effective natural cures for diabetes. Start by adding one liter of drinking water will help more. Then, while the mixture is getting warm, add 3 to 4 tablespoons of cinnamon powder. After straining, allow the mixture to cool completely. Sip the mixture every day for better results.

7. Curry Leaves

Curry leaves have anti-diabetic qualities, and hence they are effective in fighting and avoiding diabetes. Every morning, chew about ten fresh curry leaves. Practicing this treatment for 3-4 days helps in attaining best results.

8. Lady FingerAyurvedic Medicine for Diabetes

The polyphenolic compounds in okra, popularly known as ladies fingers, aid lower blood glucose levels and manage diabetes.

Pick a couple of okras in numerous places with a fork after cutting off the ends. Then, In a glass of water, soak the okras overnight. Remove the okras and drink the water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. To manage your blood sugar levels, do this every day for a few weeks.

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9. Neem 

The bitter leaf is prevalent throughout India and possesses a wide range of healing effects. It also promotes insulin receptor sensitivity, making it easier for the body to circulate the blood better. In addition, consumption of tender stem juice of Neem leaves on empty stomach leads to better outcome.

10. Drumstick Leaves

There is a widespread belief that drumstick leaves have many medicinal characteristics that can treat various ailments. For example, blood sugar levels are kept in check, and the blood is cleansed by consuming leaves. Make a smoothie each morning by blending delicate drumstick leaves into a mixer.

Health Benefits of Home RemediesAyurvedic Medicine for Diabetes

  1. Ayurvedic natural treatments aid in the maintenance of the pancreas. Insulin gets boosted, and the blood glucose level is controlled.
  2. As long as the methods used are natural, they are perfectly safe. It also assists in the eradication of infections.
  3. Body cells need to receive vitamins and minerals to carry out their daily functions and maintain themselves.
  4. Gaining strength in your immune system with natural herbs is an added benefit. It makes your body more resistant to sickness, preventing germs from spreading.
  5. Keeping your heart, kidneys, liver, and brain health balanced by using home remedies.
  6. It helps regulate blood pressure and reduces the risk of many health problems. It include hypertension, chronic kidney disease, and liver cirrhosis.
  7. An effective way to manage hormone imbalances and prevent other chronic ailments is through natural therapies.

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The Bottom Line- Ayurvedic Medicine for Diabetes

You must be physically active daily to combat or heal diabetes. It is strongly recommended eating a balanced diet and using Ayurvedic home remedies for diabetes. Instead of utilizing chemical-based hypoglycemic medications, follow ayurvedic principles. Try to employ natural remedies while treating diabetes. 

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