Worst advice about healthy food you’ve ever heard in 2021

Worst advice about healthy food you’ve ever heard

Whenever it comes to dieting, do not believe in someone who tells you not to eat certain things. Those may be a myth that you might not know. Some people give worst advice about healthy food you’ve ever heard. You may have directed the eating plans and workout routine with your partners or companion.

The act of eating great food has everything to do with the fitness routine. The things that we think will happen don’t happen all the time. It takes a lot of courage to maintain that routine and activeness in oneself. They think that they will become slim very soon which they expect and the reality comes up with eating favorite food that the person mostly craves after fasting.

Worst Advise about healthy food

Here are some worst advice about healthy food

Cutting carbs to reduce weight

Most people advise that cutting down or removing carbs will help in losing weight due to water loss in short-term benefits. Carbs are used by our body for energy, and if not used they might slow down the metabolic rate.

Avoid anything that has the color white

Some of you may have heard that white should not be consumed. However, White products mostly contain several nutrients. White mushrooms help fight diseases; bananas are full of vitamins and fiber etc. We all know eggs are a very rich source of protein, white beans, and lentils are a good source of protein and fiber as well. Hence, consuming white food is beneficial for health as they are fully nutrients based.

Eat low-fat food: Worst advice about healthy food

Those who diet often say that eating diet food that has no fat at all beneficial for body. Perhaps that’s partially incorrect, on the other hand, eating right fat is not only beneficial but helps in losing belly fat.

Fruit Juice to reduce weight

Fruit Juice contains lots of sugar and different types of syrup which has a concentrated amount of energy. Consuming a whole fruit of any kind is more beneficial than consuming juice.

Worst Advice about healthy food

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Eating low calories food

People think that low calorie food can be taken unlimited times but it’s a myth. It could be unhealthy and wouldn’t cut down those required extra calories. As per the study by Harvard Medical School, “calorie intake should not fall below 1,200 a day in women or 1,500 a day in men, except under the supervision of a health professional”

High protein helps lose weight: Worst advice about healthy food

Eating too much protein might make you eat cholesterol or fat which could cause several health-related issues such as heart disease, kidney problems, and lung failure. Therefore, it is required to take proper amount of fruits, vegetables, proteins, calcium, and vitamins. Multivitamins or Omega 3 supplements should only be consumed under the supervision of medical practitioner.

Raw carrots are more nutritious

Researchers found that beta-carotene was 20 percent more attainable in cooked carrots, hence, they are more nutritional than raw ones. Boiling carrots increases the antioxidants in them while frying or cooking carrots decreases the amount of antioxidant value. So, always try to eat at least the fried one if you do not have the time to cook.

Avoid eggs for cholesterol content

Research by Harvard Health has shown that “most of the cholesterol in our body is made by our liver-it doesn’t come from cholesterol we eat”. Hence, eggs does contain high cholesterol but not high enough to raise cholesterol level in our body. A whole egg or two whites a day is very healthy since eggs are sources of zinc, protein, vitamin D, and chemical choline.

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Nuts are bad junk food: Worst advice about healthy food

Nuts provide proteins and other nutrients to our body. As per the study, in Journal of the the American College of Cardiology, consuming nut five times a week may reduces the risk of diabetes and protect against heart diseases. Hence, nuts are junk food is a myth.

Carbohydrate drinks are bad

Lemon water or squash quenches thirst without any damage to your body but many people think that soda in it will arise health problems like weight gain, high blood pressure, and cavities. Sometimes after a heavy meal, you can drink a glass of lemon water to digest the food well and soon. It also gives a very nice taste after a meal.

Sugar intake is the worst

For maintaining a healthy blood glucose level, there should be a proper exercise to keep the sugar level in control. On occasion, sweets are fine but not on regular basis. In today’s time, everyone especially diabetes patients should consume less sugar to keep the body healthy.

Avoid milk in winters: Worst advice about healthy food

People think that milk increases mucus production. But it is one of the worst food advice. Drinking hot milk in cold is good for the body as it will provide you with an adequate amount of calcium and will keep your body warm. A cup of turmeric milk during night could help in giving a sound sleep.

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Eating at night gains weight 

Craving happens a lot during night-time but intake of food should be properly considered. Consumption of food without figuring out the calorie of meal might lead to weight gain. It does not matter what you eat or how much you eat unless the proper eating habit is not fulfilled. If you like eating vegetables and fruits do reach out to them at night but avoid taking sugar-containing food to keep the blood sugar from spiking.


Before advising someone on food and appetite, one should go through every detail of that meal to know whether it is right or not. Many people advise several things about healthy food habits but it is not possible to always listen and follow the diet, as advised. Therefore, it is better to advise people only on those things Which one has experienced & got benefited from. Everyone has a different body metabolism and hence, one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t go in the situation. Consult a doctor before getting into sort of diet plans.

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