How To Control Emotions- 4 Effective Measures to TRY

Do you know how to control emotions? if Not, What do you think about doing it? The topic of emotions and how to appropriately cope with them has received significant attention, but many people still struggle with this element of their lives. Why?

Building good emotion management skills and habits are similar to learning a new skill or developing a new practice in other areas of life. As humans, we struggle the most with change since it represents a better way of doing things.

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It is difficult to change the way you usually do anything, and it is even more challenging when it comes to dealing with your feelings and emotions.


How To Control Emotions

If we better grasp how our emotions work, we will be more equipped to deal with them. Learning how to manage your feelings can be one of the most valuable skills you can learn in your lifetime. All of your actions are influenced by your emotions, which results in the life you are currently living in its entirety.

Our prefrontal cortex, which is our ‘thinking’ section of the brain, our emotional component of the brain, the limbic system, is one of the oldest parts of the brain. Given that our emotional part of the brain is so old (and hence such a powerful part of the brain), it is logical that we sometimes feel that our emotions are in control of us and interfere with our ability to think clearly.

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A person’s emotional centre is more than six billion times as active as their prefrontal cortex. Your emotions will always have the ability to influence your thinking. However, there are methods for dealing with this.

To keep things simple, let’s look at what you can do to turn things around in this case. Emotions will come back to bite you if you ignore, suppress, or don’t deal with them properly! Stress and worry are caused by suppressing emotions; therefore, if you believe that ignoring your feelings will help you deal with them, you are mistaken.

Four Primary Measures to Effectively Manage Your Emotions

1. The First Step Is Awareness

How good is it to moderate your emotions if you aren’t aware of being overly emotional or overreacting? It’s simply not doable. Begin to keep track of your feelings and assign them descriptive names. When we are feeling something, it can be tough to put our finger on it. By naming it, we can obtain greater clarity, which is necessary for going forward.

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2. Discover the ‘Why’ to know better

While identifying your current state of mind, you should investigate why you are experiencing that feeling. What is it that is leading you to feel this way? To be sure, there could be any number of factors at play, and the only way to find out is to ask yourself, as you would ask your friend, “What is wrong?” “Can you tell me what is causing me to feel this way?” Your thoughts will always be on the lookout for a solution.

How to Control Emotions

In most cases, your feelings are triggered merely by your way of thinking about the circumstance. Another significant reason for experiencing negative emotions is when our values are not present or respected in the present moment.

3.┬áThen Consider, “What is the Solution?”

What can you do to regain control once you’ve figured out why you’re feeling this way? You may need to alter your way of thinking about a problem at some point. You see, your ideas are directly related to your feelings, so if you are feeling down, it is most likely because you are thinking something unpleasant that is causing you to feel that way.

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If you begin to consider alternative perspectives on the problem, you will notice a marked improvement in your mood almost immediately. What you put your attention on grows!

When you understand why you are having a certain at a particular time, your emotions might sometimes begin to subside, since comprehension is the first step toward calmness and acceptance.

4. Choose How You Want to React

This is the most challenging aspect. The way we react and control our emotions has become ingrained in us. You know those folks who get freaked up over nothing, who panic out over nothing? Have you ever observed them? It almost makes you feel terrible for them.

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These individuals have developed the behavioral habit of linking an adverse circumstance with the word “freaking out.” Their emotions take control over them.

You just don’t decide to practice listening to your emotions twice a week at lunchtime if you want to improve your ability to detect, rather understand, and then choose your feelings. This is not true; it is only through consistent work and discipline that you may begin to develop this necessary talent.

Final ThoughtsHow To Control Emotions

What do you think: can you manage your emotions, or do they influence you entirely and direct your actions?

It’s challenging, which is why so many people give up on their aspirations and goals without putting up any effort. Nevertheless, once you master the art of self-control, life opens up to you in ways you could have never imagined.

Not only will you feel much more in control, but you’ll also have a lot more fun and be in charge of your life. Besides, you will also be happier and much healthier as a result of not being stressed or dragged down as much as you otherwise would be.

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