Healthy alternatives of sugar (7 most recommended)

Healthy alternatives of sugar (7 most recommended)

Do you crave sugar after every meal? Do you often feel the urge of having something sugary?

Well, we all have that sugar rush now and then. Having too much sugar in our diet can be harmful to us. Diets that are rich in sugar lead to obesity. Consuming a lot of sugar will increase the number of calories leading to weight gain. It can also lead to poor oral health and many diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, and cancer.

Apart from causing all these diseases, sugar is addictive. It releases dopamine in the center of the brain, which is the same as that of addictive drugs and thus sugar can be addictive too.

healthy alternatives of Sugar

To get away with these diseases, and to maintain a healthy diet, may be for weight loss, one should go for the healthy alternatives of sugar and some of them are as follows:

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HONEY– Healthy alternatives of sugar

What is honey?

Honey is one of the best and the most commonly available substitute for sugar. Nectar is made by bees.

Raw honey is natural and unprocessed.High in calories as compared to other alternatives.
Rich source of Vitamin B and iron.High on the glycemic index.
Has antibacterial compounds which help to boost immunity. 

How to use it?

Consume it in small amounts in tea during cold and flu season.

STEVIA– Healthy alternatives of sugar

What is stevia?

Stevia is a type of powder that is obtained from the ground-up leaf of a plant mainly found in South America.

Calorie-free and much sweeter than sugar.Because of its widespread use, research needs to be done.
Does not hurt blood sugar level.One should look out for the ingredients of stevia as it is often mixed with alcohol.
Helps lower blood sugar level. 

How to use it?

One should use it in moderation.

COCONUT SUGAR– Healthy alternatives of sugar

What is coconut sugar?

It is obtained from the cut sap of the coconut palm tree.

It is low on glycemic index and fructose.Contains the same amount of calories as sugar.
Has a neutral flavor, like that of sugarcane, and can also be used for baking things.It is quite expensive.

How to use it?

Can be used for baking cookies and cakes.

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MONK FRUIT– Healthy alternatives of sugar

What is Monk fruit?

It is a type of small melon found in the regions of southeast Asia.

Natural and calorie-free sweetener.Sold as a blend with sugar alcohol or corn sugar. Watch the ingredients carefully.
150 to 200 times sweeter than sugar. 
Contains antioxidants that are beneficial for the immune system, digestive tract, glands, and respiratory system. 

How to use it?

Try to buy the pure product without any blending. Use when needed.

Date Palm (Khajoor)– Healthy alternatives of sugar

What is Date palm?

Date palm trees are native to western Asia and North Africa. They bear a cluster of date palms. It is a sweet, brown colored, oval shaped fruit having a stone inside, usually eaten dry.

Contains fiber which in turn helps indigestion.Not suitable for pregnant and breast-feeding women.
Rich in proteins, fats and other minerals.Can be allergic to some people.
High in disease fighting antioxidants. 

How to use it?

Can be eaten after a meal, post workout or as and when you are feeling hungry.

Jaggery– Healthy alternatives of sugar

What is Jaggery?

Another alternative of sugar is Jaggery. It is also known as the “Superfood sweetener.” It is an unrefined sugar product made with sugar cane, which is commonly found in Asia and Africa. In India, it is most commonly known as “Gur.”

Can be used as sugar in any food or drink.Consuming too much of jiggery can cause obesity or diabetes.
Helps in preventing anemia. 
Improves immune system. 

How to use it?

Can be used as an alternative to sugar in any food or drink.

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Muscovado Sugar (Khandsari/Khand)– Healthy alternatives of sugar

What is Muscovado?

Muscovado sugar is made of unrefined cane sugar which contains molasses. It is usually brown in color, has a moist texture and tastes like coffee. It is one of the least refined sugars.

Rich in minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron.Contains same amount of calories as that of sugar.
Molasses present in muscovado acts as an antioxidant. 

How to use it?

Should be used in moderation as it contains the same amount of calories as that of sugar.


As now you have better options for sugar, you can choose any of these in your dishes and get back in shape. Cut back on sugar and use these naturally available sweeteners in moderation.

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