Skipping Rope for Weight Loss Works ?

I always wanted to lose weight faster. But, I never accepted the fact that losing weight is a process & combination of balanced diet & workout. I found lately that Skipping rope (Rassi) for weight loss actually work.

In fact, this is the only cardio exercise in my experience, which could help in losing weight much quicker than anything else as it swiftly improves the metabolism.

Skipping Rope (Rassi) for Weight Loss

However, losing weight not only depends on the exercise, as mentioned above. Balanced diet or calorie deficit plays a vital role in weight loss.

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Table of Contents
How Weight Loss Could be Achieved?
How Skipping Rope for Weight Loss Work?
Cutting or Counting Calories?
An Example of Skipping Rope for Weight Loss
Skipping Rope for Weight Loss Exercise
Additional health benefits of Skipping Rope (Especially for Children)
Precautions for Jumping Rope

Let’s dive deep to understand how to achieve your desired goal.

How Weight Loss Could be Achieved?

The first & foremost step to follow, is to make a calorie deficit. According to the study by Harvard Health, reduction in daily intake by 500 calories could lead to weight loss. Calorie cut can be attained by either being mindful while eating meals or through exercise.

Today’s workout is Skipping. Healthy weight loss could be achieved depending on how much weight you want to lose when you begin skipping.

You must have seen somewhere that obese people tend to lose weight faster than thinner ones. This is because, it takes more calories to do workout or any activity for an over-weight person.

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How Skipping Rope for Weight Loss Work?

Jumping Rope always reminds me of my childhood and I am sure it does the same to many of you. Skipping with friends was always a fun, but it wasn’t for shedding weight.

We should bring the same childhood in us to reap the benefits. A study says, jumping rope could burn more than 10 calories in a minute to an average sized person.

As per the study by Mayo Clinic, approximately 500 calories cut from your daily diet could help in Losing One Pound (0.5 Kg) Fat in a week.

Cutting or Counting Calories

Transformation of your body just require a change but the not the difficult ones. For example: flipping honey with sugar; those packaged & processed food with home-made delicacies.

You just need to keep a close watch on everything you eat or drink. Small changes could make a big impact on the consumed calories.

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An Example of Skipping Rope for Weight Loss

Let’s take a man whose weight is 100 Kgs. He usually eats 3000 calories a day. He targets to reach a weight of 90 Kgs. How soon he would touch this number?

Any Idea? Let’s find out!

Remember the first step to follow for weight loss is Reduction in Calories Intake. Being mindful, he starts by giving up 500 calories a day, which accumulates to 3500 calories a week. These 3500 calories can lead 0.5 Kg (1 pound) of weight loss.

By this calculation, he will take 20 weeks (5 months) if he continues to make a deficit of 500 calories daily persistently.

HOWEVER, this wonderful workout, SKIPPING for 10 minutes daily could make a huge impact. As mentioned above, 100 calories a day by just 10 minutes of Skipping. By adding skipping, He would start losing 600 calories a week.

That’s an extra 20 percent of his daily calorie deficit. Now, he would take 16 weeks to attain his required goal of 90 Kgs by just adding 10 minutes of workout alone.

As per NBC News, few experts says that losing 1-2 pounds a week is an idea for long-term weight management.

Skipping Rope Exercise

Skipping rope could be enjoyable, but, depends on the variations you perform. This shouldn’t be repetitive so that you always feel charged to accomplish the desired result in shorter time.

First thing first, start with soft jumps at the same place to warm up & engage your body for about 30-60 seconds.

In order to match your feet & rope landing on the floor, hold both end of rope in one hand & start jumping along with circling the rope parallel to you.

Let’s understand the typical basic workout followed by resting in between.

Week 1: Jump rope for 30 seconds & take break for 60 seconds. Then, practice for another 30 seconds and rest for 60 seconds thereafter. Repeat 5 times.

Week 2: Skip rope for 30 seconds & take break for 45 seconds. Then, skip for another 30 seconds & rest for 30 seconds. Do it 7 times.

Week 3: Now you’re ready with full swing. Jump rope for 45 seconds & rest 30 seconds. Repeat 5 times.

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At the end of third week, you can increase this workout time to 10 minutes in total to look for 100 calories burn. Besides, the same can be practiced 2-3 times a day for better & faster results.

However, one should be mindful before putting efforts & energy to perform the exercise to prevent potential injuries.

Additional health benefits of Skipping Rope (Especially for Children)


Enhances Heart Health

As skipping rope enhance the heart rate, it diminishes the risk of stroke & heart disease. As per the study by Harvard health, high intensity exercises make your heart stronger.

Lose Belly Fat

Reducing belly fat could not be feasible without balanced diet. Such an efficient HIIT workout like Skipping could showcase quicker results in losing fat.

Boost brain Health

As per the study by American Psychological association suggests brain health could be improved by physical strength. A regular exercise routine like Skipping may decrease the effects of anxiety on the body.

Precautions for Jumping Rope

  1. Consider having electrolyte drink before exercise.
  2. Sportswear is must before the workout
  3. 5 minutes warm-up before jumping rope.

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