Best Pulse Oximeter Brand in India 2021 (Top 3)

Best Pulse Oximeter Brand In India 2021 (Top 3)

Nowadays Pulse Oximeter needs no introduction as it is as common as any BP monitor or glucometer machine in Indian household and reason is substantial increase in air pollution level, stress level and its related disease. In this Post COVID era, wherein keeping check on every vitals has become quite mandatory, pulse oximeters are new must-to-have devices for self-care.

Pulse oximeter is a small medical device which can instantly track the pulse rate and oxygen level in your bloodstream. They are easy to handle devices and can help in diagnosing issues related to low oxygen level in blood, irregular heart-beat, hypoxia etc.

Since there are plethora of devices in the market for the same and it is difficult for a buyer to differentiate and buy the right product; thus we have enlisted the top three pulse oximeter here:

Oximeter for Home use

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Dr. Trust (USA) Professional Series– Best Pulse Oximeter Brand in India

Best Pulse Oximeter Brand

Coming from a trusted and quite popular healthcare brand, this device works very precisely to monitor not just the oxygen saturation level (SpO2) in blood but it can also measure pulse rate, perfusion index, etc.

The device is easy-to-use and can be easily attached to the fingertip.


  • The device is water resistant and requires only one button to operate
  • LED display and audio-visual alarm feature
  • Comes with 2 AAA battery.
  • Screen has dual direction property for easy measurement.
  • Secured with the six months warranty.

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BPL Medical Technology Smart Oxy 2

Best Pulse Oximeter Brand

If you are an avid supporter of Make in India campaign, then this BPL pulse oximeter should be your best choice.

It is a small and light-weight device which comes with a pouch as well. You need to insert your fingertip in the device to check your SpO2 level.

The device is quite known for its accurate results and fast reading measurement.


  • Color OLED display with big fonts for easy measurements
  • Has indicator for low battery and alarm features as well.
  • Besides, it is less expensive than other competitor products
  • Long battery life
  • Comes with one year warranty from invoice date.

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Hesley FingerTip Pulse Oximeter– Best Pulse Oximeter Brand in India

Best Pulse Oximeter Brand

This is the one of the most rated and the most accurate pulse oximeter among our listed product.

It can be used to monitor blood oxygen saturation level, pulse rate, etc. and the results are displayed in both numeric and graphical form.

It’s a compact device and has auto on/off feature for low power consumption. Just like other oximeters, it also comes with 2 AAA batteries.


  • Bright display with OLED screen for better measurement.
  • Once can track previous readings as well through settings.
  • Most accurate and reliable readings
  • Easy-to-carry product as it comes with Lanyard.
  • Offers stability against motion and button pressing during measurement.

What is a Pulse Oximeter?

Pulse oximeter is a device which checks the oxygen saturation level of blood and alerts you about any deficiency related to less oxygen level in bloodstream.

Do I need Pulse Oximeter?

It is a must-to-have product if you are having elderly age people in your household setting. Even young ones are not aware of low oxygen saturation level in blood because of good immune system but proper tracking can lead to avoid any further complication related to breathing, asthma etc.

What should an ideal pulse oximeter possess?

Ideally a pulse oximeter should have following features:

  • Bright and LED display
  • Able to monitor pulse rate and perfusion index.
  • Precision in reading oxygen saturation level
  • Light weight and easy-to-carry


Tracking your health and monitoring fitness is a not a new thing in today’s world. With day by day increasing awareness and the advent of unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits, this has become so crucial as well.

Pulse Oximeters are among few revolutionary medical devices which have made heath monitoring quite easy for a layman and thus now everyone can access it while staying at home. We have covered the best pulse oximeters in the above article, after doing a lot of research and competitor analysis.

we hope you will like these products and will be benefitted by their superior services, till then stay fit, stay healthy and yeah! keep tracking your fitness. 

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