Top 5 Best Multivitamin for Men in India 2021

A well researched & extensive read to understand the Best Multivitamin for Men in India 2021. In next 5 minutes, you will be able to figure out yourself why & which one is better as per your needs.

As a man, eating healthy meals & preserving your health is recommended, since you work really hard to become successful in your profession while maintaining a positive work-life balance.

When you’re are tired all the time & feeling low on energy, you can’t expect much improvement in your personal & professional existence.

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Best multivitamin for men in India 2021

No matter how hard you work out in the Gym, if you’re not getting the proper nutrition, you won’t get the desired results. Even, if you’re someone who doesn’t work out, you need to eat right to live a healthy life.

Considering our hectic schedule, it’s a massive task to meet our nutritional needs.

Why Vitamins are Necessary?

Do you know vitamins are essential to stay healthy? A lot of us relate nutrition to the macronutrients (Protein, Carbohydrate and fat). You can get the daily dose of your vitamins from natural food consumption. However, it becomes quite difficult to follow the scheduled diet to consume the required nutrients.

Multivitamin tablets and capsules meant exclusively for men are positioned to provide you the energy boost and nutritional value your body needs to exert itself without tiring itself out.

That’s where multivitamin tablets or supplements can be handy & its good to take a multivitamin everyday.

Table of Contents
List of the Best Multivitamin for Men in India 2021
1. Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men
2. Amway Nutrilite Daily
3. TrueBasics Multivit Men
4. MuscleBlaze MB-Vite for Men
5. One-A-Day Men’s Multivitamin
ConclusionBest Multivitamin for Men in India 2021
FAQs- Best Multivitamin for Men in India 2021

With so many brands trying to trick the consumer with lucrative advertisements, it may be difficult for you to pick the best supplement. Anyhow, you don’t need to worry as we’ve done the hard work and shortlisted three brands that doesn’t compromise on the quality.

Lets find out, why they are called best multivitamin for men in India 2021

Best Multivitamin for Men in India 2021

  • Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men
  • Amway Nutralite Daily
  • Truebasics Multivit Men
  • MuscleBlaze MB-Vite

Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men

Best Multivitamin Tablets for Men in India 2021

When it comes to health and nutrition, no brand can match the standards set by Optimum Nutrition. The brand has been around for decades and is the first choice of many professional male athletes. 

ON’s Opti-Men is specially designed to support muscle growth considering the need of Indian male body. Each serving of Opti-Men provides 21 vitamins and essential minerals.

It also including 275 mg of B complex Vitamin, 1 gram of free-Form Amino acid, 18 fruit and vegetables concentrate, 7 exotic botanical and Marine extracts.

This may rejuvenate you for a longer period apart from improving your overall health and energy levels.

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  • Immunity gets boosted, which is considered a top most priority in one’s health, especially in this post covid world.
  • Improved digestion is another potential benefits.
  • Protects against cell damage 
  • Consist of 70 active ingredients.
  • Tablets are easy to swallow and are quite suitable for non-vegetarians


  • It contains Gluten

Direction of Usage:

It has been to taken three times a day; one after your every meal i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner for optimum results.

Amway Nutrilite Daily

Best Multivitamin Tablets for Men in India 2021

Amway is another trusted brand that is in to manufacturing of health and beauty products. Just a tablet of Nutralite Daily gives you 13 vitamins and 11 minerals that can significantly improve your immunity.

It also carries natural plant concentrates like Acerola cherry, Parsley, Alfalfa that are proven antioxidants. Besides, It can protect you from heart and other diseases.

The presence of Biotin gives you a glowing skin and prevents skin damage.

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  • It contains 13 vitamins and 11 minerals that boost immunity.
  • Prevent damaged cells & give antioxidant benefits.
  • It comes with phytonutrients benefits and no added artificial colours and flavours. 
  • Contains Iron and Iodine that helps in improving mental performance
  • It beats lethargy and keeps you active for long.


  • Increased frequency of urination
  • Need to keep it away from children

Direction of Usage:

One tablet per day after any meal.

TrueBasics Multivit Men

Truebasics Multivitamin

TrueBasics Multivit contains 23 vitamins and minerals along with ingredients like Saberry, Lytemax. It protects your cells from free radical damage.

One tablet of Multivit will boost your immunity and help you stay active throughout the day.

It also contains Omega -3 and Choline that enhances memory and improves focus. While the presence of L tryptophan and Valerian Root extract can help reduce stress and improve the quality of sleep.


  • To support active lifetsyle, this capsule contains 23 vitamins and minerals.
  • Contains Saberry, Lytemax that enhances immunity and stamina
  • Ingredients like Omega 3, Ginkigo biloba, Choline improve memory and focus
  • Besides, it relieve stress & improve quality of sleep because of L Tryptophan, Ginseng, Valerian Root extract.


  • Bit on expensive end.

Direction of Usage:

Only one tablet is required to be taken after any meal.

MuscleBlaze MB-Vite

MuscleBlaze MB is a multivitamin for men to keep them fit and active all day long.

It comprises all the essential vitamins needed by your body to stay healthy and strong all the time.

The capsule is characterized by an RDA value of 100% that boosts your immunity levels significantly while enhancing your health overall. 


  • Boosts your immunity levels 
  • Ensures a quick recovery after disease and infection
  • It keeps you energetic and active all through the day
  • Enhances your stamina.


  • An overdose of this multivitamin can prove to be quite dangerous. 

Direction of Usage:

It is recommended that one tablet of this multivitamin be taken daily for best results. 

One-A-Day Men’s Multivitamin

One a Day Multivitamin for Men

This is a vitamin tablet comprised of the essential vitamins B12, A, D, E, K and C. It also contains balanced concentrations of Zinc.

Such vitamins have quite an important role in helping you maintain good heart health while keeping your immunity levels stable and decreasing your blood pressure at the same given time.

Additionally, It contains the blend of chromium and B12 can help you boost your energy levels quite significantly. 


  • Stabilizes blood pressure and immunity
  • Keeps your body energetic after a workout session
  • Improves the health of the heart


  • It shouldn’t be consumed without consuming meals  

Direction of Usage:

Ought to be consumed once in a day, one tablet at a time unless directed otherwise by the physician. 

Conclusion– Best Multivitamin for Men in India 2021

As stated above, nutrition is not just limited to taking protein diet and focusing on your carbs or fat intakes. Infact, vitamins do play a crucial role in overall metabolism of an active male.

Going forward, the best source of vitamin should be natural sources like fruits, meat and pulses. Also, other dietary replacements are equally potent in balancing the requirement in this fast-paced world.

Since, we have curated the best of the lot, the above mentioned multivitamins has own set of uniqueness. You can consider any of them depending on the requirement.

We hope the above information was worth a read and you are able to find the right one for you. Yet, It is advisable to connect with your medical practitioner for any possible side-effects.

If a person is prone to kidney disease, a few vitamins such as A, E and K should be avoided as these vitamins can build up in body and can cause harm if taken too much. After sometime, it could cause dizziness, nausea, and death. Check with a doctor before taking these vitamins.

FAQs– Best Multivitamin for Men in India 2021

What are the effects of multivitamins on skin?

Overdose of Vitamin B can result in a skin rash. Your skin can look flushed and welts all over the body. You might feel an itching sensation on your body. Hence, an overdose of Vitamin B should be avoided.
Vitamin B Side effect

What are the effects of multivitamins on Kidney?

Few vitamins such as A, E and K should be avoided if you’re prone to kidney disease. Over consumption of these vitamins could cause harm if taken too much like dizziness, nausea, and death. Check with your doctor before taking these vitamins.

Can Vitamin C cause Kidney stones?

Consumption of Vitamin C is crucial & seems beneficial in today’s world. Research says, the upper safe limit is 2000mg for adults. However, as per the study by Harvard health, regular consumption of Vitamin C could increase the chance of Kidney stones.

Do Vitamin causes Weight Gain?

The straight answer is NO. Instead, as per the research, vitamins & mineral present in a multivitamin helps control hunger harmones in both men & women.

Which Multivitamin is best in India for Men?

Few good multivitamin tablets for men in India are:
1. Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men
2. Amway Nutrilite Daily
3. TrueBasics Multivit Men
4. MuscleBlaze MB-Vite for Men
5. One-A-Day Men’s Multivitamin

Can I take multivitamin daily?

Most of the essential vitamins & minerals can be consumed by picking & eating a variety of right meal. However, in order to be sure that we are getting all the vitamins we need, people tend to consume one multivitamin daily as insurance.


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